Member Credit/Liquidity Services

Member Credit FAQs

  • What interest rate does Catalyst Corporate charge on its line of credit and term loan offerings?

  • Does Catalyst Corporate require its members to establish a line of credit?

  • What factors are considered in determining the amount of the line of credit?

  • How does a credit union apply for a line of credit or a term loan?

  • What information is required when requesting a line of credit or other loan product?

  • What types of collateral does Catalyst Corporate accept?

  • How is an advance against a line of credit obtained?

  • When are loan repayments due?

  • How is a loan advance repaid?

  • How is interest repaid?

  • What types of term loans does Catalyst Corporate offer?

  • Can a credit union establish a line of credit or term loan with Catalyst Corporate if it has a loan or line of credit at another financial institution?