Wire Transfer Support Services

Wire Notification Service

With Catalyst Corporate's Wire Notification Service, member credit unions have a timely and efficient process for alerting them to incoming wire transfers, as well as an additional security measure against unauthorized outgoing wire transfers.

The fee-based service – available for both incoming and outgoing wires – triggers an immediate email to a credit union’s designated contacts as soon as a wire transfer is posted to the credit union’s Catalyst Corporate account.

Credit unions using the service should expect to see fast, direct delivery of notifications, with minimal paperwork. Using the service with outgoing wire transfers, the notifications also provide additional assurance that the credit union is aware of all its wire activity.

To take advantage of the Wire Notification Service, a TranZact administrator will need to log into TranZact and grant permission for Wire Notification Settings. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings/Administrators/Manage.
    • Select “Edit” next to your name.
    • On the next screen, select “View Wire Notification Settings” and “Edit Wire Notification Settings.” Save. (Repeat the process to grant permission for additional administrators.)
  • Step 2: Navigate to Settings/Credit Union Settings/Manage Wire Notifications.
    • Select the type of notifications the credit union wants to receive: for incoming wires, outgoing wires, or both. (The selection applies to all email recipients on the notification service and cannot differ from one recipient to another.)
    • Enter up to five individual and/or group email addresses to receive the notifications. Save.
    • Within an hour of submitting the email addresses, credit union contacts should begin receiving email notifications of incoming and/or outgoing wires. Notifications serve as the credit union’s prompt to log into TranZact to verify wire posting and to obtain transaction details. For security reasons, notifications include only information necessary to validate the wire in TranZact.

For more information on setting up the Wire Notification Service, contact Member Services at 800.442.5763, option 1.