Note: Catalyst Corporate FCU supports credit union issuances and the placement of subordinated debt securities through its broker/dealer, CU Investment Solutions, LLC. If you are interested in investing in any offerings, please contact us to discuss what's available or to learn more about subordinated debt securities.

Corporate Certificate Rates
Rates for Corporate Certificates from six to 48 months

Historical Rates
Monthly history of rates paid on deposit accounts and charged on loans

International Rates
Interactive calculator for estimating international currency exchange and currency order rates

Investment Yield Comparison
Weekly feed of rate yields from six months through five years

Lending Rates
Line of credit and term loan rates

Monthly Rates
Cash Management and Community Investment Fund average rates for month-end and Perpetual Contributed Capital (PCC) account quarterly rate estimates and actuals

Overnight Accounts
Cash Management Account and Performance Tiered Account rates, along with market indicators

SimpliCD Issuance Rates
Rate recommendations for SimpliCD issuance from six months to five years

SimpliCD Rates
Rates for SimpliCD offerings from 180 days to five years