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ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture

research iconRead a Testimonial Here The TranzCapture ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture services enable consumers to make check deposits at image-enabled automated teller machines, interactive teller machine video terminals and intelligent kiosks. Image files are transmitted for processing in real-time. Capture services incorporate enhanced risk mitigation features. Credit unions can set and change a number of risk thresholds to manage review of deposit items.

See the Overview for a list of features and benefits common to all TranzCapture services. ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture-specific details are provided below.

Additional ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture Features & Benefits:

  • Currently available for image-enabled Diebold, NCR and Hyosung ATMs, NCR ITMs and Glory Intelligent Kiosks
  • Duplicate check detection for 60 days across all Catalyst Corporate Remote Deposit Services deposited items
  • Review thresholds can be set for location, batch count, batch amount and single item amount