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Mobile Capture

TranzCapture Mobile Capture enables members to deposit checks with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Members use the device camera to capture an image of the front and back of the check. Images are transmitted immediately for processing or put in queue for additional validation. Mobile Capture is available:

  • Integrated with the credit union's existing mobile banking app – Catalyst Corporate provides the TranzCapture API to a credit union’s mobile banking vendor. Mobile Capture functionality launches within the credit union's existing mobile banking app. The look, layout and messaging is governed by the capabilities of the credit union's mobile banking vendor.

See the Overview for a list of features and benefits common to all TranzCapture services. Mobile Capture-specific details are provided below.

Additional Mobile Capture Features & Benefits:

  • Image quality determination occurs at the moment items are scanned.
  • Catalyst Corporate's next-generation Mobile Capture incorporates enhanced, flexible risk mitigation features. Credit unions can set parameters during implementation for a range of variables and update them at any time.
  • Credit unions may set up groups for common review criteria, such as batch count, batch amount, daily count, daily amount, single amount and scan limit.
  • Times may be set for automatic generation of posting files.
  • Credit unions can customize marketing messages for varied membership groups.
  • Templates for turnkey marketing materials are provided at no charge for credit unions to build member product awareness and interest.